Here's Where Doctor's Room Leader Cho Ju-Bin Is in 2022

Image Source: Everett Collection Netflix’s true-crime documentary “Cyber ​​Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror” tells the story of the “Nth Room” and “Doctor’s Room” cybercrimes in South Korea. In 2020, journalists revealed a disturbing ring of online chat rooms that contained graphic, nude images and videos of minors that were paid for and consumed by thousands … Read more

USWNT finally wins equal pay

Photo† Getty Images Today is the first day that the US men and the US women’s soccer teams will earn the same wages for performance on the field. The US women’s team has won four World Cup gold medals and four Olympic medals. In 1930, the US men had their best result in World Cup … Read more

Sri Lankans honour Tamil victims of civil war after 13 years | Tamils News

Sri Lankan protesters have lit flames and offered prayers remembering thousands – including ethnic Tamil civilians – killed in the final stages of the country’s decades-long civil war. It was the first-ever event in the island nation where mostly majority ethnic Sinhalese openly memorialized the minority group. Protesters gathered outside the president’s office in the … Read more

“I don’t think you can go into the next season with both of them”

The Brooklyn Nets are going to have a healthy Ben Simmons next season, while Kyrie Irving has already expressed his desire to continue playing in Brooklyn. If both can have a full training camp and stay healthy, the Nets could be one of the favorites to win the 2023 NBA title. Not so fast, though, … Read more

رسالة خاصة من شريهان لعادل إمام في عيد ميلاده

الفنانة شريهان، الزعيم عادل بمناسبة عيد ميلاده، والذي حل أول من أمس الثلاثاء.شريهان، عبر حسابها على انستجرام، لها برفقة الزعيم قائلة:”اطال الله فى عمرك لنا”. الزعيم والنجمة شريهان اجتمعا في العام 1985 بفيلم “خلي بالك من عقلك” وقد حقق نجاحاً باهراً.عادل إمام في بداية دور في أعمال أكثر جدية ودمج الكوميديا ​​مع الرومانسية، مراتي مدير … Read more