Good on Sasha Banks and Naomi for walking out on WWE

six time WWE Women’s Champion sasha Banks throws out the first pitch before the game between the Boston red sox and the Chicago white sox at Fenway Park on May 8, 2022.Image† Getty Images Sasha Banks and Naomi took their ball and went home. This is far from a work or part of WWE’s scripted … Read more

“Heal well” – Bayley sends touching message to injured WWE Superstar

Bayley has been sidelined from WWE for almost a year but the former Women’s Champion was still on-hand to send well wishes to Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin announced earlier today that he had suffered an injury, even though he didn’t specify any details. The former member of The Hurt Business shared the news on his Twitter … Read more

Triple H makes in-ring retirement official

Triple H announces his retirement on First Take.Screenshot† ESPN Triple H announcing his retirement on Friday with Stephen A. Smith was more of a confirmation than a surprise. The dude nearly died due to heart failure, after all, and he hadn’t been in the ring in three years. He’s in his 50s too, though that … Read more