USWNT finally wins equal pay

Photo† Getty Images Today is the first day that the US men and the US women’s soccer teams will earn the same wages for performance on the field. The US women’s team has won four World Cup gold medals and four Olympic medals. In 1930, the US men had their best result in World Cup … Read more

The Sacramento Kings move up to No. 4 pick in NBA Draft

Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé and company will have another shot at passing over a superior player for a lesser one.Image† Getty Images The Sacramento Kings received another undeserved lifeline during Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery in the form of a three-pick bounce from their projected slot at 7th to the 4th overall pick. Cue … Read more

Who would win? Pitchers or position players?

Shohei Ohtaniphoto† Getty Images Baseball is wacky nowadays. Just a few nights ago we watched Tampa Bay outfielder Brett Phillips pitch to reigning AL MVP Shohei Ohtani. The very next day, Ohtani was on the mound pitching to Phillips. When was the last time something like that happened? We’ve got a universal DH now. This … Read more

Cleveland’s Rajon Rondo accused of domestic abuse

Rajon Rondophoto† Getty Images Society has a long history of normalizing domestic violence, especially when an athlete is involved. In the midst of one of its highest-viewed postseasons in a decadethe NBA just got something else added to its plate besides bad officiating and health and safety protocols† Veteran NBA point guard Rajon Rondo has … Read more

How many different ways are there to call Deshaun Watson a dirtbag?

/Deshaun Watson took his teammates to the Bahamas.Image† Getty Images Deshaun Watson can take the entire Browns team to Abu freaking Dhabi for all we care — it’s not going to erase the 22 ongoing sexual misconduct and assault cases that he’s still facing. Whether the announcement that he was treating his new offense to … Read more

2022 needs to be Tua Tagovailoa time in Miami

2022: Tua Time or bust.Image† Getty Images Year Three will be a make-or-break year in Miami for Tua Tagovailoa† While the former Alabama QB has been decent for the Dolphins, he’s yet to lead them to the postseason. There’s absolutely no reason that shouldn’t change in 2022 with how the team has been restructured to … Read more

Free agent Tarik Cohen injures Achilles, family tragedies

Tarik Cohen is dealing with a devastating injury and terrible personal news at the same time.Image† Getty Images What happened to Tarik Cohen is part of the game. Whatever you might consider the game to be. Whether it’s just professional athletes — especially football players — being more susceptible to bodily injury than those who … Read more

Russian gymnast who used podium for propaganda receives one-year ban

Ivan KuliakScreenshot† CNN The ability of the sports world to churn on through societal decay is dismaying or courageous depending on how you frame it. Oscillating between the stoicism of the Ukrainian national team playing through an invasion, and Black athletes being asked to perform in front of white people a day after a racially … Read more

Boston’s Nathan Eovaldi gives up five home runs in the same inning

Nathan Eovaldicphoto† Getty Images It’s often stated that pitchers are weird, which helps explain why they tend to wet themselves every time it’s even suggested they need to change their routine. Just watch what happens when MLB tries to put in a pitch clock next season. The streets will run yellow with hurler urine! But … Read more

Is the Pittsburgh Penguins’ window closing?

Is this it for the Pens?Image† Getty Images This is yet another distasteful side effect of the NHL’s salary cap. Fans and observers of a certain team, especially a successful one, have to start judging just how much sand is left in the hourglass. They have to weigh the age of the best players, salaries … Read more