Is the Pittsburgh Penguins’ window closing?

Is this it for the Pens?Image† Getty Images This is yet another distasteful side effect of the NHL’s salary cap. Fans and observers of a certain team, especially a successful one, have to start judging just how much sand is left in the hourglass. They have to weigh the age of the best players, salaries … Read more

Battle of Alberta vs. Battle of Florida in Stanley Cup playoffs

Connor McDavid (l.) and Matthew Tkachukphoto† Getty Images The second round of the playoffs worked, in part, the way that the NHL dreamed up when it went to this postseason format of divisional brackets. You can question the wisdom of it happening in the second round, but we’re getting the Battle of Alberta and the … Read more

NHL must make the Edmonton Oilers wear their ‘80s jerseys for the second round

Come on, you know you want to see it.Image† Getty Images much like the Canadiens-Leafs series last year, this is why the NHL rejiggered its playoff system nearly a decade ago. To get things like the Edmonton Oilers vs. the Calgary Flames in the playoffs. OK, Gary Bettman’s NHL was only really concerned with getting … Read more

I hate saying this as much as anyone, but there’s nothing really wrong with the Maple Leafs

A Leafs fan is like “😮” as the team gets eliminated in seven.Photo† AP They knew. As we said on Thursday night, as soon as Brayden Point stuffed home the overtime winner in Game 6, Leafs fans knew what was coming. It would be another Game 7 loss, at home, but this time in front … Read more

Washington Capitals face big questions after fourth-straight first-round exit

Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals went out early once again.Image† Getty Images The Washington Capitals just pissed away their first round Eastern Conference series against the Florida Panthers. The President’s Trophy winners were on the ropes in three straight games. And the Panthers won all three of those postseason contests in succession, two in … Read more

Toronto Maple Leafs of brink of blowing another first round series

Austin Matthews and the Leafs face another Game 7.Image† Getty Images Nobody ever tweeted about a Florida Panthers playoff series victory before last night, when Carter Verhaeghe, off a pass from Claude Giroux – trade deadline acquisition and bringer of tons of vicarious Panthers fans from Philadelphia – lifted Florida to a 4-3 overtime win … Read more

Maples Leafs lose to Lightning in OT, series tied at 3

These Toronto fans know what fate awaits them in Game 7 vs. Tampa.Screenshot† TBS I’m usually a sucker for reaction shots of big public viewings of playoff or World Cup games. Seeing that much unbridled joy amongst a group of strangers makes me believe in a better world or that there is a purpose to … Read more

NHL playoffs are getting tight, but we’ve seen tighter

photo† Getty Images There’s a common phrase percolating through each NHL playoff broadcast about how this is the most “evenly-matched” postseason of all time. It’s like these commentators get a bonus every time they talk about it. It’s nauseating and more importantly, it’s not correct. This year’s NHL postseason is the most tightly contested in … Read more

Calgary Flames fan regrets her choices

Where does a mansplainer get his water? From a well, actually.Screenshot† The Calgary Flames got up off the mat in the third period of their Game 5 against Dallas last night. Trailing 1-0 and not having scored at home in the series in seven periods, it was looking pretty bleak. The Stars however cannot ever … Read more

Edmonton Oilers Darnell Nurse does dirty headbutt on Phillip Danault

Darnell Nursephoto† Getty Images Why athletes decide it’s a good idea while wearing helmets to throw a headbutt, I’ll never understand. It only risks concussions for both temples involved. Darnell Nurse’s plunge at Los Angeles Kings’ defender Phillip Danault was dirty and downright idiotic. It should cost the Edmonton Oilers’ assistant captain multiple playoff games, … Read more